USMC Force Recon Barrett M82A1 54mm Objective
USMC Force Recon Barrett M82A1 54mm Objective

This unit was manufactured in 1982, and modified in 1990 to USMC spec for use with the Barrett M82A1 with reinforced design and custom 54mm objective for long range use and maintains 3-9x ART design.

Included cams:

Cam 50: (.50 BMG M903 and M962 T SLAP

Cam 112 (.338 Win. Mag. 250gr FMJBT)

Cam 118 (7.62x51 173gr)

Cam 101 (7.62x51 168gr)

Cam 103 (.264 Win Mag 100gr PSPCL)

Cam 104 (.270 Win 150gm SPCL)

Cam 105 (7mm Rem Mag 150gr PSPCL)

Cam 106 (.300 Win Mag 180gr PSPCL)

Cam 107 (7mm Wby Mag 139gr PT-EX)

Cam 108 (.284 Win 125gr PP-SP)

Cam 112 (.300 Wby Mag 150gr PT-EX)

Cam Stippled only (non-ART constant ballistic)

Cam 113 Modified Stippled (SIONICS-MAC made 7.62 NATO sub-sonic

A total of 24 units were built from new/unissued ART 2 scopes that had been held in inventory in Anniston Army Depot, Anniston, Alabama since Leatherwood Industries shipment on 08/17/82.  These units were designed to withstand the tremendous positive and negative g-forces exerted by the .50 BMG round fired in the Barrett M82 semi-automatic weapons platform.

Of the 24 units built this is the only unit known to still exist.