ART 2 High Windage
ART 2 High Windage

Year Made: 1977

ART Designation 2nd generation early 2nd year of production transitional ART 2 system with transitional specification 3x9 telescope, bottom screw cradle/rings and single point attachment M-21 mount.

Early USMC Scout Sniper contract with special and VERY RARE calibrated high windage knob.  Windage knob does not click in increments rather provides infinite level of precision adjustment.

Two dot reticle.

Set includes 10 ballistic cams as per contract issued for use with calibers indicated and to serve as ballistic match comparative for USMC Scout Sniper Clandestine use of enemy rifles in other calibers mounted with the ART 2 scope system.

  • Cam 118 (7.62x51 173gr FMJBT)
  • Cam 101 (7.62x51 NM 168gr BTHP)
  • Cam 103 (.264 Win Mag. 100gr PSPCL)
  • Cam 104 (.270 Win 150gr. SPCL)
  • Cam 105 (7mm Rem. Mag. 150gr SPCL)
  • Cam 106 (.300 Win Mag. 180gr PSPCL)
  • Cam 107 (7mm Wby. Mag. 180gr PT-EX)
  • Cam 108 (.284 Win. 125gr PP-SP)
  • Cam 112 (.300 Wby Mag 150 Gr. PT-EX)
  • Cam 114 Modified Stippled (Sionics-MAC made 7.62 NATO sub-Sonic XM-118. Two actuating knobs and two auto range V notches)

26 unit sets in contract.

This unit is in excellent to mint condition and is the only unit known to have survived to date.