USMC Green Scope
USMC Green Scope

Units Produced: 712

Windage and elecation: 60 MOA adjustments in 1/2-minute increments

Reticle: Accu-Range fine crosshair with two 18" horizontal ranging stadia wires and 200-600 yard "earlier version tombstone" range scale.

This USMC Contract Green Scope is one of 712 Green anodized units produced in 1966 (700 contract and 12 test scopes).  USMC Supply Contract No. 73565 dated May 17 1966 specified 700 units.  This particular unit was manufactured August 4, 1966 by Redfield in Denver, Co.

This unit has correct Redfield Jr. original issue 2nd variation matching 1968 black oxide finish Remington 700 short action round corner base with found slot screw black oxide finish 1st generation low split rings.  Base is stamped “700SA” and rings are stamped number “1”.

This unit is in 98% external condition with perfect optics and is fully functional. 

Over time and with exposure to UV rays the green anodizing tends to turn brownish or bronzey.  This unit has maintained most of its original green hue.

The marking ahead of the front ring matches the serial number for the Remington 700 rifle that was paired with the scope.  That serial numbered rifle was coded out (Code H) of the system between 1981-1989.  Whereabouts are unknown.

See “One-Round War: USMC Scout-Snipers in Vietnam” by Peter R. Senich pages 263-296 and “Death From Afar Volume 1” by Norman Chandler pages 59, 64, 75, 76, 97, 109, 123-130, 149, 150, 154, 163 and “The Long Range War” by Peter R. Senich Chapter 9.